Bradford of Novi HOA


Bradford Of Novi Laws and Regulations

Solar Panel Guidlines

  1. Homeowners should first consider all existing structures and landscaping before selecting a site for any proposed solar system.
  2. All plans must be preapproved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) prior to installation.
  3. All components of the solar system should be integrated into the design of the home. The color of the solar system components should generally conform to the color of the roof shingles to the extent practical. Solar “shingles” that mimic the look of a composite shingle are acceptable but should match the color of the current roof shingles as much as is practical.
  4. Pursuant to [insert applicable ordinance], the installation of all solar heating and cooling systems shall only be done by a licensed installer or journeyman plumber. Applications submitted to the ARC should include the following:
    • A diagram “drawn to scale” by the licensed contractor installing the system showing where the system will be installed;
    • Photos of the roof area where the array will be mounted;
    • Material to be used and/or manufacturer’s description of the system, photos and/or pictures of the system and color of the system.
    • Where possible, provide photos of similar existing systems as examples.
  5. All painted surfaces will be kept in good repair.

Highlights of our Association By-Laws and Rules

  1. Architectural Review The Architectural Review Committee shall review for approval any outbuildings or other structures on the Lots, including playscapes, recreational equipment or fixtures, swing sets, tennis courts, basketball courts, rollerblade or skateboard ramps or other type of recreational equipment.
  2. Unsightly or Unsafe Structure If a previously approved structure becomes unsightly or unsafe, the Association shall have the authority to request the Owner to remove the unsightly or unsafe structure. If it is not repaired or removed, the Association may take appropriate action.
  3. Landscaping and Tree Trimming The Association has the right to enter a Lot for the purpose of mowing, cutting, weeding, removing unsightly growth and any cost incurred by such action of the Association shall be chargeable against the Owner and shall constitute a lien against the Lot.
  4. Leases If any Owner leases their property, the Lessees are subject to the all the terms of the Declaration, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations. Any violation is the responsibility of the property owner. The Owner must provide the Association new contact information for the Owner including an address, phone number and email, as well as the Tenant phone number and email address.
  5. Outside Storage of Vehicles Any boats, boat trailers, recreational vehicles, house trailers, camping trailers, horse trailers or utility vehicles may not be parked or stored on any Lot for an extended period of time unless stored in an enclosed garage.
  6. Animals Domestic animals or pets of the Owner, shall be kept on a leash and not be allowed to run loose or unattended.
  7. Mailboxes The Association previously provided for mailboxes for each Lot. It is the owner’s responsibility to properly maintain the mailboxes for the overall attractiveness of the subdivision. If not, the Association may conduct necessary maintenance/repairs for which the property owner will be responsible for the cost.
  8. Feeding of Wildlife Animals. The Owners shall not feed or place a food source for wild animals, deer, birds, geese, etc. which will attract unwanted wild creatures to Owners Lots and potential damage associated with such animals.
  9. Trash Receptacle. Trash and other waste shall not be kept on a Lot except in sanitary containers and trash receptacles and shall not be left on the curb more than (1) day within trash pickup day. Containers should be stored in a garage or so that they are not visible from the street.
  10. Snow and Ice Removal. Each Lot Owner is responsible for the snow and ice removal of their driveways and sidewalks. The snow and ice removal cannot be placed on the sidewalks or streets, which must remain clear of snow and ice.
  11. Annual Dues – Late Fees. The Board of Directors may impose late fees on an Owner who has not paid the annual dues when due. The amount of late dues and fees shall accumulate if unpaid over an extensive period of time and will continue to be chargeable against the Owner and shall constitute a lien against the lot.
Subdivision residents who identify a violation of any restrictions should bring them to the attention of the Board of Directors. Notification must be in writing, include the specifics of the infraction, include violation location, and be signed by the complainant.